Jobu Jr.3 Deluxe Kit, Factory 2nd

Jobu Jr.3 Deluxe Kit, Factory 2nd

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Part Number:BWG-J3DLX 2nd
Our Deluxe Jobu Jr.3 gimbal head, in factory 2nd condition.

Powdercoating is an imperfect process. It can be affected by heat, humidity, and other factors, so sometimes we get a batch of products that doesn't quite meet our high standards for finish. Anodizing parts also creates a small % of errors that can't really be fixed.

We have a few Jr.3 units in stock with irregular powdercoat, anodizing marks or scratches under the paint. It is either glossy in spots, or has what appear to be water marks, or it has small pin-holes larger than we accept.

These are 100% new and factory fresh with full warranty. If you are not concerned about cosmetics, then they are a great deal! Don't forget - you can always get a Lenscoat cover to hide any marks!

To save even more $$$ - these units (August 2018) are shipping in PLAIN cardboard boxes. 100% recyclable. Environmentally friendly is the cooler way to go. The world is drowning in wasted packaging.

Jr.3 DLX - $375 regular - $50 discount for 2nd - $25 plain box! = $300CAD. Very Very few available!

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